Types of windows and doors and what they are best suited for.

So it’s time to replace your old drafty windows and the patio door that’s difficult to open and doesn’t provide a sense of security. What type of window is the most energy efficient? Is one brand really better than the other? Is vinyl the best choice? What about wood clad windows? Should I be concerned with exterior maintenance? All very important questions with very different answers depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Quality and energy efficiency usually rank first or second on most customers lists of priorities.  Aesthetics and budget falls closely behind. In a highly competitive market with so many different products and manufacturers it’s more important than ever to take your time, do your research and understand the differences from one window brand to another.

There are many components that make up a window or door and they all have an impact on the end result. In the case of vinyl windows the obvious and major difference is the quality and strength of the extrusion. Vinyl window frames are extruded in a multi-walled fashion. The wall thicknesses and number of chambers can be altered to increase or decrease the strength and performance of the window. Make sure to have a good look at a cross section of the window to help you understand the main difference from one manufacturer to the other.  Thick exterior walls and solid multi-walled construction make the window stronger, warmer and less prone to warp or twist. They also increase the total weld surface area making the window stronger at the corners.

For some, aesthetics may rank as number one or two in terms of importance. To fill that need we turn to the wood clad window. The beauty of wood on the inside coupled with a maintenance- free exterior provide the right fit for those who require a softer, more pleasing look. Exterior finishes can come in vinyl, aluminum or fibreglass. All three provide tough durable exteriors that require minimal maintenance and provide superior aesthetics.  You can select from a wide array of exterior colours and interior wood species that are even available prefinished or primed. Custom glass and grille pattern options create endless possibilities.

Let’s not forget the role of the window and door dealer in all of this. Knowledge, experience, professionalism, quality installation and a proven history are critical when making a large purchase. A quality window and door dealer can help you to make the right decisions with confidence and give you the comfort of knowing that, should you require assistance, they have the knowledge and staff to guide you through the process.